Location: North River Lobster Company, Pier 81 – NYC
Blouse (old): Nasty Gal (similar here and here) I also love this one, this one, and this one | Sweater: Zara | Skirt (old): Zara (similar here and here) | Chain Belt (old): Nordstrom (similar here and if you want to splurge I love this one)  | Shoes: Sam Edelman (wearing Sangria Velvet color ) | Cape: Belle Fare | Brooches (old): Chanel | Purse: Chanel | Tail (similar here)

I’m just going to come right out and say it, I rarely wear pants. This truth is best illustrated through the following example: Stephen was planning a surprise “date day” – since I’m not fond of surprises I pressed for details, at least on the outfit front. The only clue he gave me was “you have to wear pants” to which I responded “so….horseback riding.” Stephen said I am the only person in the entire world for whom “pants” would be such an obvious clue. Needless to say, NYC winters are not the best fit for someone with a strained relationship with pants. I survive by utilizing the ‘just add tights’ rule of thumb, combined with heavy outerwear and Uber of course. I actually find tights to be pretty warm, I’m not sure how they provide any warmth at all, but for me they are an essential winter layer. I prefer tights to be on the sheerer side so you can still see the shape of the leg, solid/opaque tights are too reminiscent of leggings or Under Armour for my taste. In my downtime, I essentially live in leggings but it’s not a great look under skirts. The Holy Grail of sheer tights for me are fishnets, if I had to give one point to support fishnets it would be that they don’t rip. I gave black nylons a shot for a while but they ripped, without fail Every. Single. Wear. So now I am a born-again fishnet supporter and haven’t looked back.
During the summer Stephen and I go on walks by the Hudson River almost every day, so we’ve walked by the North River Lobster Company too many times to count. I always comment on the colorful buoys and crab baskets covering the pier, so anyways, that’s where I am in today’s post. I’ve heard it’s actually a fun dining experience during the spring/summer, they have a raw bar on board, a classic seafood menu, and of course, lobster to enjoy while you sail along the Hudson (which has amazing sunsets). I think people often overlook Midtown and the West Side of Manhattan when they visit, but it has a lot more to offer than the formidable Times Square. Since I host and produce a show called Best of New York I take mental notes of unique places I pass more than the average person, so I’ll often go off on these ‘cool places to check out’ side rants. As I build the blog out let me know if you want me to focus on just the clothes or you appreciate my NYC insights. For now, back to the clothes…. I have always liked “pussy bow” blouses as a layering piece, pussy bow is the proper name for this style of blouse, but I hate that name so I call them “bow tie tops.” Since the bow covers the collar of your outer layer it gives the appearance it is all one cohesive piece, I’ve worn them under dresses, sweaters, overalls, v-necks, you get the point. I love this particular top from Nasty Gal because it has such a large pussy…bow. This version is sleeveless which makes it easier to layer under tight sweaters but its long sleeve counterpart is a great way to winterize sleeveless dresses.
I always joke that I should work at “Chotchkie’s,” the fictional restaurant from Office Space that required employees to wear a minimum 15 pieces of flair. I can never NOT add a piece of flair, it’s these little touches that make an outfit your own after all. If you’ve read my About page, you know I have a metal allergy so I have to get creative with accessorizing since necklaces are typically out of the question. I have collected brooches since college, acquired from various flea markets and vintage shops over the years (3 Monkeys in Portland is a great place as well as the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market). These two Chanel brooches are the newest addition to my collection and my current favorites, especially since I love a little designer kitsch and any kind of uniform-esque influence. I typically don’t wear brooches in a traditional lapel adorning way, I love adding them in clusters on skirts, hats, and in this case, I added them to the bottom of my blouse ties. Since we are counting flair, I also add this raccoon tail and rabbits foot to a lot of my bags. It is a purchase from Ketchikan, Alaska, believe it or not, and I love the juxtaposition of the tail and a designer bag. I know the purse tail trend has gone in and out over the years, but I would like the record to show that I rocked the purse tail long before it was “in” and I’m not stopping just because someone has now deemed it “out.”
Now that I write it all out, this entire outfit is a compilation of my closet classics, so let’s add tweed to that list. I have so many tweed mini skirts it’s gross, but when you haven’t grown since Clueless came out in 1995, these things happen. I love how this one is high-waisted, i.e. waist defining and keeps all the winter layers tucked. I added this tan cashmere cape as an additional layer just for shits and giggles. If I’m being totally honest, capes don’t really keep you warm and are probably better suited for fall or California, but I think they add a chic touch to any outfit (“khaki wishes and cookie dreams”). I also love the fur collar and the fur pompoms on the tie strings (more flair). It’s a Century 21 find, one of my favorite “treasure hunting” places in New York.
To finish it off, I kept it simple and classic with these Sam Edelman shoes in burgundy velvet. I’m going through a pointy-toe pump/minimalist shoe phase right now. I think pointy-toe pumps are both leg lengthening and flattering, even though this is a pretty low heel by my standards. I can’t say enough about how comfortable these shoes are, and in a 4.5 under $150, Sam Edelman is my current spirit animal.  Sangria Velvet Sam Edelman Hazel Pump NYC Blogger Annamaria Stewart in Nasty Gal Burgundy Chiffon Bow Blouse, Zara Tweed Mini Skirt with Nautical Buttons, and Chanel Brooches Dallas Collection NYC Blogger Annamaria Stewart in Zara Tweed Mini Skirt with Nautical Buttons, and Chanel Brooches Dallas CollectionAll in all, I get sort of a First Lady (Jackie O not Melania T) Cape Cod vibe from this outfit/location combo. Since I’ve shared my bow tie top, tweed mini obsession, I’d love to know: What are some of your closet favorites that you find yourself buying in every color?

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