Location: New York Transit Museum – Brooklyn, NY
Dress: Zara | Beret: H&M – old (similar here I also like this one and this one) | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman | Belt: Gucci ( I also love this one) | Purse: Gucci | Necklace: (worn as bracelet) David Yurman

Guys are interesting; believe it or not, out of all the dresses I own this is Stephen’s favorite. It’s not by any means my “sexiest” dress but, without fail, whenever I say I don’t know what to wear he fishes this number out, because I look “hot” in it. Maybe he has a thing for uniforms…but who can blame him, personally I love military inspired fashion. I’ve had this dress for years, a classic piece that seems to morph with my ever changing taste; probably because the leather piping and gold buttons on the collar and sleeves add interest while remaining muted, allowing the dress to transform with different accessories without the risk of clashing.
I’m not a ‘curvy’ girl but I have curves, if that makes sense. Since I have a petite frame, without a waist defining belt my shape can easily get swallowed up, so it’s an accessory I frequently employ (even my wedding dress had a waist defining belt). I’ve already expressed my love for a great mini length but I think the structure of this dress, masculine accents, and sleeves help balance it from going into slutty/clubby territory. I typically stick to the ‘one body part at a time’ theory, so I’ll balance a plunging neckline with a longer hem and lean towards a high neck in combination with a mini length. Norma is old school and would describe my preferred hem length as “streetwalker,” but she also lives her life based on fashion “rules.” Personal anecdote time: Norma is a firm believer (with one major modification) in the 1980s classic “style guide” Color Me Beautiful. According to this book I am a “winter,” which means I should only wear bold shades and jewel tone colors, lest I let pesky pastels and off-whites wash me out. Although black falls into the winter shades, she swears it’s also NOT my color, as raven-haired women look “witchy” in black. Personally, I love black and tend to avoid blue eyeshadow (my best shade “to receive compliments” on my brown eyes – it actually says this). I will say this isn’t a total farce, there are certain colors or shades of colors we look better in than others and skin tone is a big factor in this “color science.” As much as it pains me to say it, I look terrible in beige and I do always receive compliments when I wear bright pinks and reds…happy Norma? I’m just not a big rule follower, especially fashion rules, so I don’t want to be held strictly to a particular season and I NEVA follow the color wheel theory for eyeshadow (choosing complimentary colors – those opposite on the wheel to your eye color). Regardless, Norma and I may disagree on the length, but she’d give an A+ to the deep green shade of this dress, maybe THAT’S why Stephen likes it…compliments are already pouring in. In compliance with the color wheel, I added my waist cinching essential in the classic Gucci green and red, complete with a statement making buckle that I couldn’t pass up (I also love this one). Gucci really wasn’t on my radar until Alessandro Michele joined the fashion house a few years ago, now I couldn’t be more in sync with the brand’s new direction and I’m currently loving everything they churn out (being able to afford it is a different story). I had been eyeing this mini bag from Gucci for months but never pulled the trigger, so Stephen surprised me with it for Valentine’s Day and I’m obsessed. The other day I saw a Valentine’s Day card that made me laugh, it said “I hope you like this gift you told me to buy for you” – basically marriage in a nutshell, because nobody is making rogue purchases at this point in the game. I love a crossbody and I like how a mini bag (technically a wallet on a chain in this case) becomes part of your outfit because it can sit in front, as opposed to on your hip or back like larger crossbody bags. I don’t know why I spent so much time in college with HUGE purses, I really didn’t need to be carrying all that stuff with me everywhere, in the early years I brought them clubbing (and checked them – I cringe thinking about this) because I totally needed my planner and an eyeshadow palette on my person. I’ve always been drawn to hats, even though I consider my hair to be my only good feature, because hats seem so fun. This angora beret was a whim purchase from H&M a good seven years ago, but I still love it and it fit my commuter vibe at the Transit Museum (although, I do have to endure Stephen yelling “bring your green hat” every time I wear it). I love this place, it was one of my very first segments in season one of Best of New York. The “bluebird” car (R33 World’s Fair) is my all time favorite because of its 1960s origin, the accompanying Mad Men era ads, and mod urban vibes the train gives off. The Heist pump from Stuart Weitzman is the finishing touch to my outfit; with the perfect pitch and softest suede they practically make “commuter flats” a non-essential and the mini bag a realistic option for a New Yorker.

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